Short film: What if there was no packaging?

Short film: What if there was no packaging?
article writer
by Stephen Post
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022

Life without packaging is no life at all. Without packaging, simple tasks like preparing a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast can take an entire day. What if there was no packaging? Would society collapse? How would we survive? Container & Packaging is proud to present our most ambitious film project to date! Enter the dystopian world of no packaging, and see first-hand what life would be like without packaging.


Eliminate packaging … bad idea

There are various anti-packaging and “zero packaging” organizations and social movements throughout the world. Undoubtedly, we’re all concerned about tons of packaging that makes its way into the waste stream. However, removing packaging from our product consumption stream is not progress … it is regression.

Packaging has purpose

Packaging protects products from damage and contamination, saving companies and consumers inestimable amounts of money in waste. Removing the packaging from butter, for instance, would severely limit the success of that butter ever making it to your fridge. Why? Because without packaging, butter would not survive transit. And even if we pretend that it did, are you going to want that cube of butter after it was touched by the manufacturer, the forklift, the truck driver, the grocer’s pallet jack, the restocking clerk, you, the checkout clerk, and the bagging clerk (oh, wait, bags are packaging too, forget about the bagging clerk). Imagine the flavor of your butter cream pound cake with all of that extra handling. Yum. Imagine the germs!

Can we improve in our packaging waste management? Yes. Can we improve in finding more efficient packaging solutions? Yes.

And we are.

Every day packaging designers and engineers find better ways to package products; ways that use packaging and resources more efficiently.