The Container Olympics: Feats of Packaging Greatness

The Container Olympics: Feats of Packaging Greatness
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by Keith McCauley
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022

Every couple of years, I get infected with a fever. I call it Olympic Fever. It is a really terrible sickness, with symptoms including the inability to tear myself away from the television for more than the basic necessities of survival. The only way I've found to cure it is by allowing the spectacles of athletics to completely take over my life for two weeks. Once the Olympics are over, I am able to function again. But I often find myself dreaming wistfully of the day when I can watch swimming and running and jumping for hours. I occasionally catch myself attempting to do a front handspring in my kitchen (not pretty). The symptoms gradually subside, until two years later I'm struck with it again. Anybody else who loves the Olympics understands.

At Container & Packaging Supply, we are having our own Olympics, of sorts. However, instead of competing in athletic events, our containers are toeing the line in their own challenges.

Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

The first competition is the limbo. If you're a child of the ˜80s, you remember the roller skating parties, never complete without the Hokey Pokey and the Limbo. Our containers are reaching back to their inner childhood and seeing how low they can go. Since most containers can't really bend their shapes to contort into the unnatural position required to go under an increasingly lowered stick, the winner of this contest is pretty obvious. The gold medal of the limbo event goes to the ¼ ounce flat steel tin, which tops out at a height of 0.557 inches.

Strongman: Largest Container

Is bigger better? Often it doesn't matter at all, but occasionally being the biggest is the best. Especially when you are in a competition for the biggest container. At CPS, our biggest container is this 55-gallon brown fiber drum. It is perfect for storing lots and lots of dry goods. It would be terrible for putting in your backpack for a hike (that would be a big backpack!), but as far as storage for large quantities, this one takes the gold medal.

Tiny Containers: Small is Super

In some sports, small is definitely preferred over large. When I was a kid, I was disappointed to learn that I would be far too tall to be an Olympic gymnast. My knees would probably drag on the ground on the uneven bars. So being small has great advantages in this sport! The tiniest containers at CPS hold ½ of a dram, which is about 1.85 ml. Tiny! Check out this amber glass bottle and this clear glass vial, the clear tie winners of the gold medal in the tiniest container competition.

Distance Sprayers For the Win

Our last competition is between the sprayers: what kind sprays the farthest? If you look at our catalog, you'll notice that there are a variety of different kinds of sprayers. Trigger, mist, fine mist, trigger mist, adjustable trigger, and so on. If we reach back into the past to this Sprayer Testing, we find out that the trigger sprayers take the gold for sprayer distance.

That concludes our first ever Container Olympics! Enjoy the real festivities for the next couple of weeks! Which container do you think deserves a gold medal? Tell us in the comment section below!