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Sometimes getting the right kind of spray can make all the difference. With different styles and functions, you’ll want to consider what you need, and what works best for your product. As always, let us know if you need samples, or a specific trim length for the tube.

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I want to write a limerick about sprayers,
But I’m afraid there are too many nay-sayers.
They said I can’t rhyme.
They won’t pay me a dime.
So I had to become a surveyor.

The time it takes is quite consuming.
In addition the pay is not amusing.
Now it’s not a bad gig.
I don’t have to dig.
And for that I’m grateful to be musing.

The facts are that I’m experiencing bliss.
My limerick writing went all amiss.
Still, I am happy.
Life isn’t too shabby.
For now I have a sprayer that mists.

Thank you. Sprayers come in a variety of styles and misting capabilities. We have trigger sprayers, and fingertip sprayers. Both sprayer types require the use of your fingers. On the trigger sprayers, your index finger is definitely involved in activating the trigger. Depending on the size of the trigger, however, multiple fingers could be employed.

In the case of the fingertip sprayer, there’s usually only room for the index finger. These sprayers come in fine mist and regular mist varieties.

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