Plastic Containers

    They're versatile, durable and cost-effective. Peruse our catalog and see why plastic containers might be the right pick for your next project. We have all seven plastic container types including: PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PS, PP, and OTHER.

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    Plastic is tough to beat.

    Plastic containers are strong yet lightweight making them easy to stack and ideal for transport and shipping. Look into plastic containers for a variety of uses: foods, beverages, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pet care, chemicals and much more.  

    Why Plastic?

    Plastic containers are durable, protective, cost-effective and they’re chemically inert. That’s “science talk” for holding their shape without dissolving, disintegrating or mixing with the contents. Being a pliable material, plastic can be easily shaped. You’ll find a wide range of plastic container shapes, sizes, colors and styles to fit your needs. There are plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic tubs, plastic pails, drums, plastic tubes and more

    What to look for in a plastic container

    It’s the ultimate form vs. function question. How about a wider mouth opening for easy pouring? Consider the range of temperatures for shipment and storage. Does the plastic container need to be microwavable? How about recyclable plastic containers? Sometimes products need a little “sunblock” to prevent deterioration from the sun. Light-safe plastics keep sunlight out to protect therapeutic or aromatic properties of contents. Don’t forget caps and closures for your plastic containers too. They go hand in hand to create a complete packaging solution. When looking for a plastic container, start with the product that goes inside and work your way out. If you need some expert advice, we’re here to help.