Containerandpackaging.com is designed to make browsing and searching for your container very easy through our five main sections located in the top toolbar: Products, Services, Contact, Tools, and Info.

Products: Our "Products" tab allows you to search and browse for any type of container or closure that we stock. You can browse through our stock products by looking at our Catalog, Image Catalog, Family Catalog, Closeout Items, New Items, and Overstock Items.

Services: Container & Packaging Supply offers various services to help you create the perfect package for your product. Our "Services" tab includes links to find out more information about CPS Design, Labels and Application, Bottle Printing, and Custom Projects.

Contact: The "Contact" tab includes methods in which customers can contact customer support, get more information through their account, and become fans of Container & Packaging Supply through various social networks. These tabs include Live Chat, Contact Us, My Account, Become a Facebook Fan, and Follow Us on Twitter.

Tools: The "Tools" tab contains various tools to help you determine what type of product and what quantity of product you need. These tabs are Advanced Search, Conversion Calculator, Recently Viewed Items, and Food Storage Calculator.

Info: The "Info" tab includes various links to our website that will allow customers to learn more about our company, our product offering, and more. These links are CPS Blog, CPS Videos, CPS University, CPS RSS, About Us, FAQ, Policies and Terms, Shipping Information, Wholesale Information, and Apply for Credit Terms.

Pages within the Catalog include "bread crumb" links that build across the top of the page just below the top menu. These links keep track of pages you move through within the catalogs, allow you to navigate back to earlier pages easily. The catalog provides links to each category of containers we offer. By clicking on a category link, you will be presented with sub categories. Click on the sub category link to be presented with a list of pictures and item numbers for specific items in our catalog. By clicking on a link in this item list, you will be presented with detailed information about a specific container or closure as well as pricing information and an "Add to Cart" Button. At this point, you may order items and proceed to checkout.

For more navigation help, see a page layout with navigation tips highlighted! (Include a layout of our website)

Item pricing is found on each individual item description page. This page can be found by browsing through the online catalog through the various categories and subcategories until a list of code numbers and descriptions are displayed. Click on a code number and specific information including pricing for the item will be shown. Each item has two price levels, one price for smaller quantities, and another, lower price for full-case purchases.

We ship a majority of our orders through UPS. Orders are processed in 1 to 3 business days. UPS shipments should arrive to any point within the continental United States within 1-3 business days (4 business days for Hawaii) after the allotted 1-3 business days for processing. Large orders requiring the involvement of a shipping/trucking company will be determined on a case by case basis. As stated in this website, we cannot guarantee glass shipped UPS. We package glass in such a way that it should be well protected under normal shipping conditions.

Please Note: We do accept customer shipper account numbers (UPS, FedEx, etc…). A handling fee of $7.50 will be charged separately to the customer when a personal shipper account number is used.

We have no minimum quantity requirements (other than some glass items or accessories that must be ordered in full cases to protect the product). You may purchase as many or as few items as you would like. On orders for less than $50 of product (freight charges do not count toward your $50 total), we do charge a $10 small order fee.

When ordering in less than full case quantity, your items will be put into plastic bags and placed in a box filled with packing foam to help keep the products from sustaining significant damage. Scuffing and breakage may still occur during shipment. To prevent damage we do recommend ordering in full case quantity whenever possible.

Currently we do not accept payments through PayPal or other companies that provide similar services.

To obtain your free quote, please follow these instructions carefully.

  • Find the item within our catalog you would like a quote for. In the gray "Buy Online" box, enter the number of items you want in the empty box next to the "Add to cart" button. Press this button after entering the amount you are interested in.
  • Once you press this button, a pop-up will appear asking for a zip code. Enter the zip-code to where these items will ship.
  • Repeat this process for all the items you would like to order. Once you have added all items to your cart, press the "View Cart" button. You will now be taken to the online order page.
  • On this page, make sure to confirm that the ship to zip code is correct. Our cart will provide freight quotes through UPS Ground. Select which UPS method you would like and your total will appear on the bottom right hand portion of the screen. Please call 1-800-473-4144 for a freight quote through an LTL company. If you would like to place your order, please click on the "Proceed to Step 2" button below the total cost information. If you don’t want to place an order please exit at this point.

We accept returns of merchandise under the following conditions:

  • Items are unused
  • Items are in original condition
  • Items are in original boxes
  • Clearance Items and Special Order items will not be accepted
  • All returns are subject to approval
  • Any issues regarding damaged goods or shortages must be resolved within 30 days of the shipping date
  • Shipping fees and small order fees are non-refundable

If these conditions are met, the customer will pay the freight back to our company. Upon receipt and inspection of the product we will issue a credit less a 20% restocking fee. If these conditions are not met, no credit will be issued to the customer.

We can custom decorate your bottles, jars or closures for you in-house. For more information on our capabilities and policies, please visit our custom decoration page.

Yes. You can order samples from our web site. See the steps below to find out how.

  • Press the "Request a Sample" button on the item page. This will add one item at no cost to your shopping cart.
  • Do this for up to 10 different items for which you would like a sample.
  • Click the "Checkout" button after you have ordered each item you would like.
  • Review the order form and make sure 1 of each item you would like is on the order form.
  • Fill out the order form with your credit card information. (Used to pay for shipping and handling, a flat fee of $7.50)
  • Select UPSG (UPS Ground).
  • Fill in your name, phone number and email address. (Please see our Privacy Policy)
  • Enter your Deliver To address.
  • Press the "Finish" button to submit your sample request.

Processing your order will take 1 to 3 business days, though we try to speed up sample orders. Once processed and pulled, we will bill your credit card $7.50 for US orders and $15 for Canadian orders for shipping and handling. We do not offer drums, pails, gamma lids, glass display jars, plastic hex jars, candle glass 12 oz. or larger, or other large items as samples, and reserve the right to refuse any sample request.

Please note: due to the abuse of our sample policy on several occasions, we will only allow for 10 different items to be sent out per sample request. We have had some people order 50 to 100 different items as samples. We cannot ship so many free samples.

Orders which include samples and product are fine. We will not, however, send samples of items that are included as regularly ordered items on the same sales order. For example, orders requesting 12 B130s and 1 sample B130 will not be accepted. We will only send the 12 B130s.

We do ship to Canada regularly and also ship to other countries. Our online shopping cart is unable to receive International orders other than Canada at this time. Please call 1 800 473-4144 to place orders.

Due to the time and expenses of completing forms and paperwork for international shipments, any orders shipped Internationally will be charged a $10.00 handling fee.

Containerandpackaging.com makes finding matching containers and lids easy. On each item page, just below the item information is a box that shows compatible items to the one you are viewing. These compatible items are closures that match the container you are viewing or containers that fit the closure you are looking at. Simply click on the image or item number of the matching item you are interested in. This will take you to the detail page for that item. See a B403 for an example.

In order to do our part to keep landfills as ecologically friendly as possible, we often order misprinted corrugated boxes from a local box manufacturer. These boxes would end up in landfills without ever being used, so we buy these boxes to ensure they are used at least once before being disposed of. In a small way, this helps keep landfills from filling up as quickly. Use of these packages also help keep the cost of shipping and handling down, allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers.

Bottles and jars made from PET plastic often get scuffs and scratches during shipping. This occurs even during shipping from a manufacturer to our warehouse. This is due to the nature of PET plastic. It is virtually impossible to ship PET plastic without getting scuffs or scratches. We have found, however, that most customers can cover scuffs with labels or other forms of custom decoration, and once filled with product, most scuffs and scratches become invisible. Please be advised that PET plastic is susceptible to these markings.

Will Call is available as a shipping option for zip codes near one of our warehousing locations. If your zip code is located in a Will Call zone, the option to come pick up (or will call) your order will be available in the shopping cart in the "Select Shipping" box.

Occasionally, a qualifying zip code will not offer Will Call as a shipping option. This happens when part of your order is not available from your will call warehouse and the order, or part of the order must be shipped from another warehouse. Items not available from your will call warehouse will display in your cart with the message "Not available for Will Call". When this happens, you may either have the entire order shipped to you, or remove the unavailable items from your cart, and Will Call will then be an available option. You may then create a second cart order to have the unavailable items shipped to you from another warehouse.

If you have questions about how to place a Will Call order through our shopping cart, please call 1 800 473-4144 and we will help you place your order.

Freight costs are calculated based on the zip or postal code to which an order is shipping. When you change your Shipping Address, you may be changing your postal code, and freight is recalculated from our warehouse to your new postal code.

When freight charges change, you may be redirected to your shopping cart page to verify, and/or reselect your shipping method. This will give you an opportunity to note the change in cost.

Container & Packaging Supply has two warehouse locations, one in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the other in Louisville, Kentucky. Most of the time, your order will ship from the warehouse that is closest to you. In some instances, we might not have all of your order available in one warehouse which will result in your order being split between multiple warehouses. If you only receive part of your order, it could be that your other portion has not yet arrived. If you need tracking information, please feel free to call us at 1-800-473-4144 and we will help you.

We stock a large quantity of bottles that vary in height but have similar neck finishes that can fit the same pump or sprayer. It is difficult to maintain a sufficient amount of pumps or sprayers with the correct tube length to fit each bottle style. Plus, tube length preference can differ from customer to customer. Instead, we stock pumps and sprayers with longer tubes to fit a larger percentage of our stock containers. We can cut the tubes for you before shipping if you're interested. Contact us at 1-800-473-4144 to receive a quote on cutting tubes.

It became difficult to maintain a printed catalog as our stock grew larger and larger (now over 2,200 items). Instead, we maintain and update our online catalog to make sure that our newest items are available for you to purchase as soon as possible. Visit our Online Product Catalog.