Which Container Style Do You Need?

Which Container Style Do You Need?
article writer
by Keith McCauley
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022

We all have our favorites. Favorite pair of jeans, favorite song, favorite children, you get my drift. And chances are, you even have a favorite container style, whether you realize it or not. Take a second to browse our list and find out what your favorite container style says about you.


Boston Round “ The Average Joe

You like ordinary. The classic Boston Round is ordinary and has been around as long as dirt. Dirt bares plants. Plants feed animals. And you love yourself a good burger and fries.

Cosmo (Bullet) Round “ Runway Wanna-be

In an alternate universe you're Tyra Banks or David Beckham. You choose to live your runway dreams vicariously through the striking form of Cosmo Round bottles.

Cylinder “ A Real Standup Guy

Strong, true and trusty to a fault. Sturdy, reliable and dependable. You're an icon of stability, a pillar of grace, a strong shoulder to cry on¦ as is your container counterpart.

Dairy “ The Maverick

You work hard from sun up to sundown. And after all the cows have gone home you record voiceover tracks for Maverick gas station commercials. You're that good, and so are your bottles.

Foamer “ The Germ-A-Phobe

Plastic gloves, anyone? You're a germ-a-phobe and you know it. But you don't know that we know. Spoiler alert: The foamer bottles are a dead giveaway. The jig is up.

F-Style “ The Meathead

You may not be Einstein, but what you lack in brains you've got double in brawn. With a massive frame made for heavy lifting, such a union with an F-Style only makes sense.

Honey “ The Queen Bee

You're sweet and want everyone to know it.The sweetness just oozes out of you and sticks to everyone around you. You know what's going on, sure, but you can keep it to yourself.

Industrial “ The Teddy Bear

Behind that tough exterior is a protective heart made of gold. Just like you, the industrial is equipped to protect its own.

Packer “ The Pack Rat

You like stuff. Lots of stuff. You never know when you might need it, right? Have you seen the television show Hoarders? Maybe you should be on it. Let's get real. Packers are for pack rats, period.

Sprayer “ The Prankster

Hey look, its Dennis the Menace, all grown up. Just remember, it's all fun and games till somebody gets shot in the eye with toxic industrial-grade concentrated cleaner.

Sauce “ Flavor of the Week

A multi-faceted personality “ audacious, brazen and sassy. Not easily understood, but appreciated by all. Frankly, it's amazing you can get that much flavor into a single bottle.

French Square “ The Sensitive Soul

You're both a sight for sore eyes. You're refined, yes, but you don't like to wear it on your sleeve. But like a French Square you're also delicate and should be handled with care.

Glass Jug “ Life of the Party

Someone wearing a NFL shirt is probably a fan. An expensive purse translates to an interest in designer handbags. Purchasing this container foreshadows the season's best shindig.

Mason Jar “ The Backwoods Racer

There's only one container that can handle swift turns in a cup-holder without asking you to compromise who you are. You stick to your roots, all the way to the bottom of a mason jar.

Jar “ The Chameleon

You're capable of taking on a different persona at the drop of a hat. Just as a jar can easily don a particular label or silk print. The similarities are uncanny.

Tub “ Recovering Ice Cream Addict

It's about the container, not what's inside. At least that's what they say at your group meetings. Throw caution to the wind. Embrace the beauty of overindulgence.

Tube “ Laid Back Dude

Sweet! Righteous! Groovy! If you find yourself using any of these terms on a daily basis you're container choice is justified because chances are you're totally tubular.

Tin “ The Steel Trap

Nothing gets past you¦ they can't resist your shiny and appealing nature. You lure in your prey (customers) and once they're in, there's no hope for escape.

So which container is your true counterpart? Tell us in the comments!