Sprayers, Pumps, and Overly-Long Dip Tubes

Sprayers, Pumps, and Overly-Long Dip Tubes
article writer
by Stephen Post
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022

Sprayers and pumps: such useful closures for dispensing liquids with the press of a nozzle. But often forgotten in these closures is a critical component of these products: the dip tube! A dip tube is the long flexible tube that dips into the liquid in a container. When the sprayer or pump is activated, the liquid travels up the dip tube and out of the nozzle. Today we are going to address a commonly-asked question in the container industry: why are my dip tubes longer than my containers?

Different Bottles, Same Neck Finish

Let's start answering this question by taking a look at two bottles. For this example, we are going to look at the 4-ounce PET Boston round and the 16-ounce PET Boston round bottles. These two bottles are quite similar: they are both made of clear PET, are both Boston rounds, and both have the same neck finish (the measurement that determines which lids will fit correctly on which bottles). They are almost like siblings, the big brother and the little brother. The only real difference between these two bottles is their sizes. The 16-ounce bottle is taller at 6.626 inches than the 4-ounce bottle; it is only 4.305 inches tall.

Since these two containers have the same neck finish, they can use the exact same closures! Likewise, there are many different containers that have the same neck finishes, which means that the number of combinations of bottles and closures is enormous. These two bottles, however, are going to use a fine-mist sprayer with a 6.25-inch dip tube. Now, remember back a few sentences: these two bottles, though they can use the same closure due to their identical neck finishes, are different heights. In this case, the dip tube for this sprayer fits well in the 16-ounce bottle, but it is too long for the 4-ounce bottle!

Why are the Tubes Too Long?

Why does Container and Packaging sell pumps and sprayers with dip tubes that are too long for certain containers? Recall a moment ago when we talked about the huge number of combinations of bottles and closures. Instead of guessing at the tube lengths that our customers might want or need, we instead carry tubes that are longer than many of our containers. This way, you as the customer can decide how long you want your dip tubes. Some people prefer them to be a touch long, while others like them a bit shorter. We let you choose what length is right for your product. You can then cut your dip tubes to fit your own personal specifications.

If you decide that you don't have the time, or patience, to cut hundreds or thousands of sprayer and pump tubes, then let us know because we would love to cut them for you. You can contact us here for a quote on cutting those tubes. We will work with you to create a solution that is best for your sprayers, pumps, and containers.