Resin Comparison Guide

Resin Comparison Guide
article writer
by Cameron Nakashima
August 24, 2021, Updated November 1, 2022

“This PET resin is too clear!” Exclaimed Goldilocks as she sifted through her stack of container samples. “And this HDPE jar is too hazy,” she complained as she tossed it back into the box. “Oh, but this one!…” Goldilocks excitedly extended her arm and grasped an LDPE bottle. “This translucent container is juuuuuuust right!” 

Finding the right plastic for your products can feel like a fairytale come true! Getting to that point can be a bit of a journey though. For most of us, Goldilocks included, the packaging material options can be a lot to sort through. Some are great for holding moisture, others are better with solvents and alcohols, and still, there are others that are great for either high or low temperatures. 

To help you wade through the options and identify the perfect packaging for your product, we put together this Resin Comparison Guide. You can view it here online or download the free PDF version. In either case, we hope it helps you get your packaging juuuuuuuust right!