How to Eliminate Pet Odors with Essential Oils

Do you have pets? Cats, dogs, hamsters, fish? If you do, you know how awesome it is to snuggle your kitty or play with your puppy. They each have their own personalities. Even our fish has an attitude; he doesn’t like other fish anywhere close to his bowl, and he loves to dance to music. But as much as you love your pets, there may be something about them you don’t love: the smell. I’m talking about the wet-dog, kitty-litter smell that comes with pet ownership.

I’m not much of an animal person myself, but I do have boys who live in my house. And boys, whether they are two or ten or forty, are kind of smelly. Okay, that’s an understatement: they are REALLY smelly. When I pull my kids’ laundry out of their hamper, I’m tempted to go cartoon-style and pinch my nose with a clothespin. Those clothes stink! And every time their friends come over to play, I have to practically fumigate the house to get rid of the smelly-boy odor that they leave behind.

Whether you have pets or just really stinky children (who happen to shower every day, thank you), you want to find a way to get rid of the stench. There are lots of commercial products out there that claim to neutralize odors, but what kinds of chemicals are in those? Let’s look at an all-natural solution to eliminate pet odors using essential oils.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are very popular right now. I think that many people are tired of using products with ingredient lists full of words like benisothiazolinone or the ever-elusive “fragrance” (what’s really in there?). Essential oils are an alternative to these products. They are natural oils distilled from various plants, and they smell like what they are: peppermint oil smells like peppermint, clove like clove and lemon like lemons. They are used in lotions, candles, perfume, household cleaners, natural remedies, and other areas.

Fighting Pet Odors with Essential Oils

So how do you eliminate your pet (or child) odors using essential oils? Here’s a quick and easy way: fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of water and add 20-25 drops of your favorite essential oils. Give the bottle a good shake and then spray the smelly room. Your room will smell fresh and clean. You can find spray bottles here at Container & Packaging Supply, as well as coordinating trigger sprayers. If you plan on storing essential oils for a long period of time in one of our containers then please refer to this blog post for more information on what containers are best for essential oil storage. Some of the most popular essential oils for odor control are: lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, tea tree, and orange. You can choose one, or create your own unique blend using your favorite oils.

A word of caution: essential oils can be dangerous when used directly on the skin or on pets, especially cats. So even if your kitty is really stinky, do NOT put oils directly on him. And make sure that you don’t leave your oils or sprayer out where your kids might accidentally get a hold of it. Keep your kids and pets safe!

Now go out and make your house smell great! What are your favorite oils or blends? Let us know in the comments so that we can try them out!

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