Glass Vases for Springtime Bouquets

Glass Vases for Springtime Bouquets
article writer
by Stephen Post
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022

Spring is upon us. This is a season of birth and growth, as the world seems to wake up from its cold winter rest. Birds are hatching, days are lengthening, and plants are peeking up through the ground. One of the best parts of spring is all of the beautiful flowers. Tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, all opening their buds in the warmer days, celebrating the season. Later, we will see lilies, roses, and irises announcing the coming of summer. This upcoming spring and Easter season, make a bouquet of these beautiful flowers using a glass jar or bottle.

Why Glass Vases?

Glass containers create beautiful, rustic-looking vases. The heaviness of the glass helps balance the weight of the flowers, so they won't tip over as easily as would a vase made of lightweight plastic. Glass also provides a sense of sophistication and luxury that plastic doesn't provide. When you arrange your flowers using glass containers, they look classy and elegant.

Jar and Bottle Bouquets

At Container and Packaging, there are many containers that would make unique and beautiful glass vases for your flower arrangements. Here are a couple of tips to help you figure out what jar or bottle would work best for you.

First, determine what kind of flowers you want to display. Are they tall or short? Do you want to make a large bouquet, or do you have just a few stems? Shorter jars are perfect for small or short flowers, like hyacinths and crocuses. Check out this 8 ounce Mason jar or this 6 ounce hex jar, each only 3.5 inches tall. If you have a taller arrangement, opt instead for a taller jar, like these 6.6-inch 24 ounce or 32 ounce jars. These two jars have wide openings, making them ideal for larger bouquets.

If you want to display only a few flowers, you should look for a bottle with a narrow opening. This will help your flowers stand up straight and not flop over the sides of the vase, as they would do with a wider-mouthed jar. You could use a Boston round or a sauce and syrup bottle. Once again, these vary in height, so figure out how tall your flowers are before choosing which bottle you want.

After you've figured out what kind of jar or bottle you want to use for your vase, it is time to get creative with that container. You can easily dress up your glass vases using fabric, string, or burlap accents. Tie a coordinating ribbon between the shoulder and neck of a bottle to finish off your arrangement. Or leave it plain, and let the elegance of the glass speak for itself.

Glass jars and bottles are useful for more than just jams, jellies, and syrups. Get creative this spring, and share some flowers using glass vases!