Five Timeless Packaging Design Trends

Five Timeless Packaging Design Trends
article writer
by Cameron Nakashima
July 28, 2021, Updated October 28, 2022


“Don’t call it a comeback. I've been here for years!”

As we approach the topic of timeless trends, the proverbial words of LL Cool J echo in our minds (and our hearts). Fashions and trends may come and go, but just like hit lyrics from the 1990s some things hold up over time.  

The same is true for some trends in packaging. A common misconception is that “trendy” products need to have custom-shaped containers or some revolutionary breakthrough in design. In reality, most products can turn heads using only a stock container and a few timeless tricks.  


1. Minimalism  

We’ve all heard it said, “less is more” and packaging is no exception. Though current trends have highlighted minimalistic design, keeping a clean and focused label design has always been in vogue. When there are too many elements competing for attention, packaging design can become cluttered and unattractive.  

If shoppers can’t identify what your product does and what brand its from within 3 seconds, they will move on. It’s human instinct to prefer something decipherable, so the benefits of minimal packaging design won’t be going away any time soon!  



2. Typography  

Designs that use text strategically are always a trendy option! Typography allows your packaging to say more with less. Using letters and words artistically is nothing new though; humans have been doing this ever since the introduction of hieroglyphics. To keep it trendy, artists create new fonts and fresh layouts that fit the times.  

Typography can also provide brand recognition. If you don’t have the resources or budget to make your brand or product icon recognizable, a type-based logo can be a cost-effective route.  

Today, you will find typography in magazines, on buildings, and on lots of packaging. See examples in our design portfolio (  


3. Bold and Unique Look

Don’t be afraid to make your product look different. In a long line of similar products, doing something bold will help catch the customer’s attention. The goal is not to look completely out of place, per se, but to make your product stand out just enough.  

Consider using unique colors, an unusual container, or a different packaging material than the competition. Maybe even try packaging your product upside down! Whatever you choose, using a packaging solution that challenges the norm is important in a competitive market. As long as competition exists, so will this trend.  


4. Sustainability

The look and feel of your packaging can impact the way customers perceive your product’s sustainability. Designs that play into an organic and natural look can improve its sustainability image. Consider using eco-friendly labels made from rocks-paper or recycled pulp, or use fully sustainable materials for your lids and containers. Most of today’s most popular packaging materials can be recycled. PET, PP, HPDE, as well as glass, cardboard, tin, and aluminum are all widely recycled. When using these materials, you can encourage customers to reduce waste just by adding “please recycle” somewhere on the label. Sustainability has been an important packaging trend for more than two decades, and we expect it to continue in the coming years.   



5. Keep one eye on the next generation.  

Our final “trend” is to always keep an eye on the next wave of consumers. We know this isn’t exactly a trend, but we thought it should make the list. Keeping up with the demands and expectations of the market will help your product maintain relevance.  

We don’t suggest you completely rebrand every few years to keep up with the youth, but we do recommend setting aside time every year or two to review your packaging and compare it to the successful competitors in your industry. Doing this will help you evaluate what customers want and possibly keep your brand on trend for years to come.  


Now, if you’ll excuse us, we must flip the tape in our cassette player and keep jamming out to LL Cool J.  

Peace out!