Everything you need to know about jars

Everything you need to know about jars
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by Keith McCauley
September 8, 2020, Updated November 1, 2022


Here's a scenario for you. You've run out of your favorite skin cream. You are standing in the store comparing two options, deciding which to buy. They're both listed as 2 oz, but one jar is obviously bigger. How can this be?

Plastic jars have different styles. A jar education will assist you in discovering the perfect packaging solution for your product. Remember what Uncle Ben says, with great knowledge comes great responsibility. Well, maybe that's not the exact Spiderman quote, but you get the drift. Keep reading to enhance your spidey packaging sense.


Double-Wall Jars

Double-wall jars are created from two pieces of plastic. Between the jar's inner wall and outer covering is an empty area. This structure makes the jar look larger than it is and often deceives customers into believing they are purchasing more product than they really are. Not the worst thing that could happen.

Our double-wall jars have either round or straight bases and are sold in black, natural, frosted, and white colors. Sizes run from ¼ oz to 8 oz. browse our low profile double-wall jars for additional options as well.


Single-Wall Jars

Single-wall jars are made in a variety of styles. The Oval and Tuscany are two examples. Both jars have shoulders and different forms, but like all single-wall jars, they are constructed from one piece of plastic.

Most of the single-wall jars we carry are made of PET, but we are proud to supply some post consumer resin (or PCR for short) options as well (read our post about this eco-friendly resin). The stock comes in various colors and ranges in size from 1/8 oz to 32 oz.


Thick-Wall Jars

Thick wall jars are like single-wall jars, both crafted from a single piece of plastic. More resin is used on the outside, which gives the item a heavy, concentrated look. These are the typical spice jars. Our thick wall jars typically run from ¼ oz to 4 oz in clear and natural, but other options can be sourced. 


Hex Jars


Hex Jars, (aka hexagonal jars) are an eye-catching, geometric, and classy glass option. Their clean lines and structured appearance presents the contained product professionally and cleanly. If being used for honey, it can remind you of the hexagonal honeycomb structures favored by honeybees. Glass jars are a time-tested solution for keeping foods fresh and safe - and these glass jars are among some of the most timeless. 

Hex Jars are typically found in clear and can come in a few stylistic variations. 


Straight-Sided Jars


Straight-sided glass jars are among the most popular jars on the market today. These jars work great for products like bath salts, sugar scrubs, high-end cremes, and products with essential oils. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, making them the go-to container for most projects packaged in glass. 


Paragon and Mason Jars

Paragon jars and Mason jars are two somewhat similar glass jar options, but they have some differences. Both are great for maximizing shelf area while retaining customer presentation. Paragon Jars are notable for their tall profiles, round base, and almost just-as-round finish, and they are typically used for hot-fill canning but NOT water baths and pressure canning. Mason jars, on the other hand, are able to withstand the heat and pressure that is necessary for water baths and pressure canning. The thick walls are made of heat-tempered glass. Ordinary glass jars would shatter if put through the same process, but Mason Jars are a bit tougher. 

Do you feel smarter now? Just like Spiderman mastering his talent to swing from building to building, these jar insights will come in handy when deciding which packaging is right for you. Test your skills and take a look through our jar catalog. You might find exactly what you're looking for.

If you have any questions, contact our team and we will be happy to help!