What are the Benefits of Using Clear Packaging?

What are the Benefits of Using Clear Packaging?
article writer
by Kelsey Leishman
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022


Clarity is a notable quality. Windows are clear, sparkling diamonds are clear, and nothing beats a clear, blue sky on a summer day. The human eye may find clarity appealing but clear containers more than a pretty face; they are a tool for packaging success!  

The right packaging for your products is important. It is what showcases your product and attracts customers to make a purchase. There are many styles of packaging that can catch a consumer’s eye, but our favorite is clear packaging for many reasons. First of all...


It Provides a Preview

Product visualization can be important for consumers, depending on the product or industry. When shopping for a new product, a consumer likes to see the product itself and visualize how it will benefit them. Clear packaging allows your product to be visible to the prospective buyer, not hidden behind a wall of opaque packaging. With clear packaging, what you see is what you get and that helps the consumer make an educated decision before purchasing. Packaging peanut butter, for example? Customers will see whether your spread is smooth or chunky simply by gazing through the container and investigating the goods. So, to give your customers a visual preview of your product, go with clear.


It shows off your colors

Retail shelves are full of various products that compete for customer attention – making it difficult to catch the eye of shoppers. As a business owner, you want the perfect packaging that will stand out and immediately capture and hold the interests of potential consumers. Clear packaging can be the perfect way to do just that. If you have a vibrant or uniquely colored product, clear packaging can be a great fit for you because it allows you to highlight your product’s distinct color without needing to create custom-colored containers. In many cases, the color of your product is going to be more eye-catching than a custom-colored container. One notable example of this would be the use of clear honey bear bottles. With honey’s vibrant and bold color, why would you not want to display that for the world to see? If you got it – “it” referring to a unique product color – flaunt it!    

Another example would be our clear cylinder bottles for personal care products. What would the personal care industry be without our cylinders? Lengthy, clear bottles provide the ideal packaging for one of the most marketable personal care items on the planet, shampoo. Though personal care items are known for scents, clear cylinder packaging allows the fragrant theme of a product to extend to physical presentation. Maximize the appeal of a lavender-scented shampoo by tinting the product lavender purple and showing it off through a clear bottle!


It can enhance the design

When it comes to packaging design, clear containers allow you to design your labels, screen-prints, shrink wraps, and other decorative elements however you would like; with whatever colors you like! Finding the perfect balance between your decoration and your product is key to successful packaging with clear containers. For example, if your product is vibrant and textured, a simple one-color print might be best, but if you have a light-colored and smooth product, a print design might benefit from some extra color and imagery. In either case, the use of clear packaging provides a unique design opportunity and can be executed with sticker labels, silk-screening, or embossing services – we would love to help you find the perfect fit for any of these! Additionally, clear containers provide the benefit of an easy adjustment for rebranding if you feel your business may want to switch things up in the future.



Packaging that is clear offers unique qualities and advantages that cannot be replicated with tinted or opaque containers. Clear containers can help your product get noticed by customers more easily, provide a preview of what is inside the container, and allow your product and packaging design to work together in a seamless and unique way. The clear containers mentioned above only represent a portion of our collection. Feel free to peruse our display case of clear containers to find the perfect option for your jerky, spice, sauce, lotion, syrup, etc. If you have questions or would like to see a sample of some clear product, feel free to contact us or order a sample. We would love to work with you to find the best packaging – clear or otherwise – for your product!