5 Secrets to make the most out of a wholesale packaging supplier

5 Secrets to make the most out of a wholesale packaging supplier
article writer
by Stephen Post
September 8, 2020, Updated October 28, 2022

Secrets are intriguing. On the one hand you want to know them, and on the other you want to keep them. Well when it comes to wholesale packaging suppliers (like Container & Packaging Supply) you may wonder what secrets there are in the packaging industry. How can you get the most out of your relationship with this company? How do I know these things? Here is a little secret, I’m an expert. Why are you laughing? No seriously, I am! Look I’ve been on the inside of this business for a couple years now and trust me, I know how things work. I don’t want you to wonder anymore. Here is how you can get the most out of your wholesale packaging supplier.

1. Rely on their experience and expertise:

Whether you’ve been in business for 20 days or 20 years, chances are you know what you do and how you operate. And this is where wholesale packaging suppliers shine. They deal with thousands of other customers in your industry. We know what others have tried and what is trending. We have experience for what works when it comes to your packaging needs. You’d be surprised what you could learn. It may just be what you needed to confirm your choices, or find a better solution.

2. Take more than you need (if you can):

Do you think you can take some extra inventory on your next order? If you can, ordering more, or in full cases, may improve your margins and lower your per unit costs. This may not always be convenient and if it’s not going to work, save yourself the headache and money. But if you can, it’s a great way to lower your per unit cost as shipping cost starts to make up a smaller part of each unit.

3. Ask about shipping options:

Does shipping seem high? Ask about LTL shipping or other methods. You may even have a great deal via your own shippers and could ship collect. It never hurts to ask your packaging supplier if they can help with alternate shipping methods.

4. Let them deal with the headaches:

Is your delivery delayed? Forget to order again? Is that delivery not going to be there on time? Everyone involved in the process is only human, let's face it. This stuff happens sometimes and when it does, do you want to deal with the logistics nightmare? What if you could have a professional take care of the problem? Another advantage to a wholesaler is that they will fight your battles. Building a good relationship with your rep can give you peace of mind and take a major task off your hands.

5. Make a relationship:

Imagine you needed to borrow $20. You have two people who offer this, a good friend and a complete stranger. Which one would you be more likely to take the loan from? Just like your personal relationships, business relationships work the same way. If you’re on friendly terms with your rep, and they with you, think about how much more you could get done. You know they have your back and you have theirs. Plus it makes working with them a delight and not a chore.

So that’s it, five easy steps to making life with your wholesaler even better. So what do you think? How do you make the most out of a wholesaler? If you could explain one thing to them about what you want, what would it be? Let us know in the comments, we can’t wait to hear your comments.