Polycone Liners: An Extra Tight Seal

Polycone Liners: An Extra Tight Seal
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by Container and Packaging
September 8, 2020, Updated July 16, 2021

Have you ever put a lid on a bottle, only to find out the hard way that the lid didn't fully seal? This causes enormous messes, coupled with frustration at the poor seal. This can be dangerous when working with cleaners, solvents, oils, or chemicals. What could you use instead to prevent spills and messes from caps that don't seal tightly? Look no further than the polycone liners found in our phenolic lids.

Phenolic Lids

You may be saying, wait, stop for a second. What are phenolic lids? That is a pretty fancy word for a pretty common product. These lids are made of, you guessed it, phenolic, or phenol formaldehyde resin. This material is commonly found in circuit boards, billiard balls, and laboratory tabletops. It doesn't melt and is chemically inert. It is also very durable, and has a high resistance to breaking. This means that phenolic lids will not react with corrosive chemicals. The non-reactive nature of phenolic resin makes these the perfect lids when your containers hold these chemicals. But how can you be sure that there is a tight seal on your container? This is where the polycone liner comes into play.

Polycone Liners

Polycone liners are inserts that sit inside many of the phenolic lids at Container & Packaging Supply. They are conincal-shaped and are made of oil-resistant plastic. When you tighten the lid onto your container, the polycone liner molds itself around the bottle's edge, creating a very tight seal. This snug fit will help prevent spills and leakage. They also keep air and moisture out of your bottle, protecting the integrity of your product. Some liners may break down or leak when exposed to corrosive chemicals. Phenolic lids with polycone liners are one of the most heat- and chemical-tolerant lids available, making them the ideal fit for those hard-to-contain products.

When packaging oils, cleaners, corrosive chemicals, or other liquids, it is crucial that you choose the right lid for your product. Phenolic lids with polycone liners are strong and non-reactive, and they create a great seal to keep your product in and everything else out.