Plastic Poetry: a verse for PVC

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Plastic Poetry: a verse for PVC

­Our endless gratitude for the various types of plastic bottles and jars we have here at CPS is ¦ well, endless. The next plastic type on our list is PVC. Sure, we’ve already made a rap song about PVC, but now it receives it’s own poem.

A Verse for PVC

Now gather ˜round kids, I’ve a tale to tell,
About a container with a hydrocarbon shell.
Its properties make it resistant to heat,
And can store spices well, so they're easy to eat.

Perhaps you have asked, in days long since,
Why you hear the name ‘PVC’ and wince?
“The chloride is bad,” some people may say,
But science has blown that argument away.

When you safely recycle, it’s of great interest,
PVC has a lifespan that’s one of the best.
It’s durable, rigid, and impact resistant”
And most of all, won’t quit, it’s persistent.

So admire its strength and durability.
You won't be disappointed by its low-moisture permeability.
And please don’t forget its chemical resistance.
Oh, and if you need help, we can offer assistance.

Translation for the poetry haters: PVC has a high heat tolerance, and boasts a lifespan that is hard to beat. It is also perfect for spice storage since it boasts one of the lowest permeability rates of any resin. The Chlorine used in the process of making Polyvinyl Chloride has been a concern for some, but when safely recycled, it poses virtually no threat to human or environmental safety. PVC is also popular because of its incredibly low moisture transition rate and impressive chemical resistance. It’s easy to see why PVC is one of the most durable plastics we know today. PVC is clearly marked with a number three.