Origins: The Boston Round Bottle (Part 3) – The closer we get, the farther we go

Origins: The Boston Round Bottle (Part 3) – The closer we get, the farther we go
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September 8, 2020, Updated June 16, 2021

The Phoenician's were great traders and glass was one of their most important commodities. However their bottles were used mostly for wines, perfumes and dyes. Suddenly the trail for Boston round bottles becomes complex. Egyptians, Greeks and Babylonians all started making their own bottles.

However our suspicions about the origin of the Boston Round jump ahead to the Jamestown colony who built the first glass furnace in America (in the early 1600's). From there we conjecture that the city of Boston used to have a large glass producer who named our subject matter the Boston Round. However at this point we kind of lost interest in the history of the whole thing and decided to bring to light the whole OBR (Order of the Boston Rounds) organization.

Despite the fact that several of our confidants explained that we're crazy to pursue such an obscure and pointless society, we are determined that lack of evidence is all the proof we need to show they exist! It was at this time that several members of our research team abandoned the project. No doubt they succumbed to pressure from an OBR operative. We were just too close to the truth. We can’t give up now! The sacrifices already made would mean nothing. We have to press on despite this new development.

Would they OBR succeed? Who would they remove from the team next? Will I have to be a lone person fighting against the tide of conspiracy? The answers to this will be told in our next installment.