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Committing to a custom project

Don’t be afraid to chuck the menu. We can source or create packaging outside the boundaries of our stock items. Because these items can’t be found in our warehouses various minimums and time investments may apply. Embrace your vision; we’ll make it a reality.

Break out of the stock mold

Custom molds dare your product to be different, package in a new container shape or style. Let the creative juices flow, because nothing is impossible. You want to package your lotion in a neon orange unicorn-shaped bottle, you say? Create a custom mold. For more info, contact us.

Fashionable printing

What’s wrong with coloring on the bottle itself? Visit our printing page for additional information on printed decoration options.

Stop wasting time on piece projects

Let us take care of long-winded piecework projects. For a per unit rate we will cut tubes, apply labels by hand and even pair your 5,000,000 bottles with 5,000,000 lids (we’d do it, but please don’t make us!). Contact us, and we'll see what we can do to help.

Top-of-the-line design services

Whether you’re an expert or a novice when it comes to packaging design, our artwork aces can help you out! The ultimate in makeover specialists, our CPSD team is skilled and prepared to craft decoration plans at the drop of a dime. Get a jump start on your packaging presentation and visit our CPS Design page today!

Think in Technicolor

Forget black and white, package with custom color containers and closures in nearly every hue under the sun! Contact us for more information.

Vibrant labels

Dress your products up in custom CPSD designed labels. Wraparound, sticker, ECL, the styles are as varied as the design possibilities. Get the details on the Labels and Application page.

What's Next? Call 1-800-473-4144 and say 'CPS Design' and we'll get started on a label for your package.

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