Product Disclaimer, Also Known as YCMMV

Product Disclaimer, Also Known as YCMMV
Container and Packaging
by Container and Packaging
September 8, 2020, Updated June 16, 2021

You know that big sticker on a car's window at a car dealership? This car gets 55 miles to the gallon! Then you buy the car, drive it for a few months, and wonder why you're only getting 22 miles to the gallon. It could be because of your driving style (lay off the gas!), but it could also be that little tiny disclaimer at the bottom of that sticker that says YMMV, also known as Your Mileage May Vary. Well, we at Container & Packaging Supply have our own little product disclaimer, what I affectionately like to call YCMMV, or Your Container Mileage May Vary. What does this mean? It means that our containers may or may not be compatible with your product.

The Legal Stuff

If you love perusing the Container & Packaging Supply website (admit it, you do), you may have discovered our Policies and Terms page. This gem of a page has all sorts of fun stuff. The product disclaimer, our shipping and return policies, copyright information, etc. Now, some of this information is mandated by our lawyer to have on our website, but we hopefully made it entertaining and enlightening as well. There really is some good information on here. We promise.

Let's take a closer look at the first item found on that web page: the Product Disclaimer. In a nutshell, the product disclaimer says that we don't promise that the containers that you buy will be compatible for your product. And that’s what YCMMV means.

Product Disclaimer: No Guarantees

Wait, what? You mean that we at CPS don't guarantee that our containers will work for your products? Why not? Well, for one thing, we don't know exactly what you're putting into your containers. If you told us your secret recipe for cuticle and nail cream, then it wouldn't be secret anymore. And even if you did tell us exactly what was in your product, we don’t fill containers. Our job is to get you the right containers so that you can fill them!

Hang on a second. You're probably wondering, If it's your job to get me the right container, how do I know what you recommend will work for my product? Our sales staff will work hard to find the best fit possible. They'll give you tips and suggestions, and may even consult detailed product specifications to try to determine a good match. You can also check out our product pages, many of which will tell you properties like temperature tolerances, relative impact strength, and chemical resistances. Those guidelines will help you narrow down your search for the perfect container.

Test your Product in Free Samples

After working with a sales representative and scouring the product pages, you may feel that your work is done. You think that you should order a huge shipment of a container, feeling certain that it will work perfectly. But we recommend another step first: test it! Before you invest a large amount of time and money into a container, please please PLEASE request a FREE sample. That's right, we have free samples of many of our products! You just pay a small shipping fee to receive your desired containers, and then you can test them out and make sure that they are compatible with your product! This can save you the huge headache of potentially using the wrong containers. And it saves us the headache of redirecting upset customers to our product disclaimer when they use the wrong container. Win-win situation for everyone involved!

We want you to be happy. We want your products to work perfectly with our containers. So we will work hard to try to find the right container for you. But in the end, it's up to you to make sure that your product is compatible with the container you've chosen. So remember, YCMMV.

If you'd like to read our full product disclaimer, as well as our other legal stuff, check out this link: Policies & Terms.