Plastic Poetry: a Sonnet for PS

Plastic Poetry: a Sonnet for PS
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by Container and Packaging
September 8, 2020, Updated July 15, 2021

Hands are softly beating a rhythm on bongo drums in a dimly lit coffee house. Fingers are snapping. Berets are tipping. And the poetry keeps coming. The plastic poetry, that is. We've nearly reached the end of our plastic poetry. And you, dear audience, are either begging for more or pleading for us to stop. But there will be no stopping us until we've reached the end. Today, we have a poem modeled after the Shakespearean sonnet written to honor polystyrene, or PS plastics. Enjoy.

A Sonnet for PS

Shall I compare thee to a PS jar?
Polystyrene plastic is very clear.
Look through it and you can see near and far,
Recycle code 6 resin can be sheer.
This plastic, though clear, is very brittle.
Don't drop it from great heights; it will shatter.
You might cry when it breaks, just a little
And your friends will you ask what's the matter.
Polystyrene is used for Styrofoam
Packing peanuts keep your parcels secure
Insulation for the walls of your home
This plastic resin is far from obscure.
It's perfect for food, dry goods, and samples,
Look at this link for some more examples.

Polystyrene, or PS, is a food-safe plastic often used for jars, lids, and Styrofoam containers. It is marked with the resin code 6. Polystyrene jars are very brittle, and they can scratch easily. However, they are very aesthetically pleasing. Clear polystyrene jars are very translucent, so they are great for displaying exactly what is inside of the jars. PS can also be colored. At Container & Packaging Supply, we have black, clear, amber, and more colors of jars, bottles, and other containers. If you're in the market for a lovely container, then you should consider PS jars. And if you really are sick of the plastic poetry, just be comforted that there is only one more type of plastic to honor through verse.