Origins: The Boston Round Bottle (Part 4) – Now I'm really mad

Origins: The Boston Round Bottle (Part 4) – Now I'm really mad
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by Container and Packaging
September 8, 2020, Updated June 16, 2021

Well it looks like I'm alone now. My fellows have abandoned me and left me alone to search for the truth. I have experienced first-hand how the Order of the Boston Rounds has targeted me to keep me from finding the truth behind the origin of the fabled Boston round bottle.

At this point I need a solid theory about what they could be hiding. I hypothesize that the name Boston itself must be misleading. What if the Boston Round isn't even from Boston at all! Ah-ha! That has to be it. This has been the break I'm looking for. That means that it must come from anywhere but the pub-lined streets of the Massachusetts capital city.

Ok I need to back up again, it looks like glass bottles originated in the Middle East, and they spread to Africa, Europe, and Asia from there. So that means that the true origin of the Boston Round could be from just about anywhere¦ Except Boston. I already ruled that out. This is not going to be easy.

I've decided to enlist the help of a prominent Harvard professor. However my calls have been ignored and now I'm being told that a professor of physical education can't help me and that if I keep this up they'll issue a restraining order. Looks like the OBR have operatives in Harvard as well.

But wait?! Harvard is in Cambridge, which is close Boston! They wanted me to think it wasn't Boston but that must have been a trick to discourage me.

Maybe I could find some clues from the curve of both the rounded bottom and shoulder of the Boston Round? Yes and there was also another feature that Boston rounds are made in both glass and plastic. Let's see, if we take the first letter of each of the various features we can spell: RBRSGP.

Hmm, must be an acronym. Let's see: Real Boston Rounds Seek Green Pastures. Yes that must be it¦ Unless, perhaps it's an amalgam of an acronym GSBRPR: Give-up Seeking Boston Rounds and Play Raquetball. Oh that is it! The OBR is going down.

Will I ever find the fiends responsible? Can I ever truly know the origins of the Boston Round Bottle? Is there a possibility that wearing denim pants with a denim shirt will ever come back in style? Find out in my final entry.