Johnny Slicks: Crafting and Packaging Organic Men's Grooming Products with Care

Johnny Slicks: Crafting and Packaging Organic Men's Grooming Products with Care
Container and Packaging
by Container and Packaging
February 2, 2024, Updated February 5, 2024

Meet Johnny

Johnny Slicks, a veteran-owned men's personal care company (and a Container and Packaging customer) is making waves in the men's grooming industry with its commitment to quality and organic ingredients. Founded by a business owner who recognized the harmful effects of harsh chemicals in mainstream grooming products, the brand has emerged as a beacon of natural care for men's grooming needs. Johnny Slicks has grown quickly by paving its own path, and Container and Packaging is proud to partner with them as their primary packaging supplier. 

Specializing in men's grooming essentials, Johnny Slicks offers a range of products sold on their website and Amazon. From their initial offerings of men's pomade, they have expanded their line to include various grooming essentials, all crafted with organic, U.S.-sourced raw ingredients. The driving force behind Johnny Slicks' success lies not only in the quality of their products but also in their dedication to customer satisfaction. 

Adam, the C&P Packaging Consultant who works with Johnny Slicks, swears by the effectiveness of Johnny Slicks' products (his favorite is their shampoo) emphasizing their remarkable quality. 

Our Partnership

Container and Packaging is proud to have partnered in Johnny Slicks' journey and growth, as the brand’s primary packaging supplier since early 2019. Initially focused on optimizing packaging for successful and leak-free shipping, the collaboration between our companies has since evolved, and now includes everything from pomade jars, lids, and labels, to beard oil bottles and droppers. Over our partnership, we’ve watched Johnny Slicks add several great new product lines and upscale their overall quantity of packaging ordered by over 300%, and we’ve been happy to help with it all. Whether they were ordering a few hundred jars or several hundred thousand bottles, we’ve been able to provide them with what they need at each step of their growth journey. 

Johnny Slicks’ approach to their product packaging is a testament to the value of using standard packaging. By leveraging stock containers and components (i.e. the standard bottles, jars, and lids that we keep stocked in our warehouse), the brand has maintained flexibility in their design. This decision has allowed them to pivot quickly and adapt their brand’s packaging to accommodate their ever-expanding product range.  

Watching Johnny Slicks flourish during their partnership with Container and Packaging has been a rewarding experience. We are excited to see what Johnny Slicks has planned next as they continue to innovate while offering authenticity and excellence in men's grooming.

Learn More

If you are curious about how stock packaging can be leveraged for your brand, or if you’re simply looking for a trusted supplier to grow with, Container and Packaging would love to partner with you! We can’t promise that you’ll be the next Johnny Slicks (we’re not sure if anyone is cool enough to do that), but we can accomplish your packaging goals, together!

You can learn more about Johnny Slicks and shop for top-quality products on their website HERE.