“Ant Can” and Amazing Shrinking Steel Cans

“Ant Can” and Amazing Shrinking Steel Cans
Container and Packaging
by Container and Packaging
September 8, 2020, Updated July 16, 2021

What tiny insect evolved over 60 million years ago, and now has an estimated 22,000 species on the planet now? Which insect is found on nearly every landmass except Antarctica and a few (lucky) islands? Which insect can cause me to have a complete meltdown and panic attack when I find them in my kitchen? If you guessed the ant, you are correct.

This month's calendar is based on the hit movie Ant Man. But, as we are in the container industry, it changed from a man who shrinks to the size of an insect to a magically shrinking can. Thus Ant Can was born. Full disclosure here: none of our steel cans actually shrink. That would be amazing!

None of our steel cans are very tiny. In fact, the smallest can offered by Container & Packaging Supply is this one pint steel paint can. That is way bigger than the average-sized ant. You could probably get thousands of ants inside of the container. Getting them to stay in it would be quite a trick. You would need to slow their movements down (a refrigerator works great), and then snap a lid on top before they all escaped. This may lead you to ask, okay, where do I get a lid for my steel can? Many of our cans come with matching lids. And if the container you want doesn't come with a lid, a customer service representative can help you find the perfect match.

How Small is Small?

Our steel cans may not be super small, but some of our other metal containers do come in small sizes. Not quite ant-sized, but they are pretty tiny! Our smallest is the ¼ ounce flat tin. If you recall back to the Tin Product Testing, I used regular household items to measure these tins. I could only fit ½ of a tablespoon of rice into one of these itty-bitty containers! I bet that it would only take a few super-strong ants to pick up one of these metal tins. Who knows how they would use it¦ But that's not my line of business. When I see ants, I do my best to eradicate them from my kitchen. I don't try to get them to carry tiny containers with their insanely strong bodies.

Steel Cans vs. Plastic and Glass

This leads us to our next point. What exactly do you need these containers for? Why choose steel cans versus plastic containers? And are steel cans food safe? These containers at CPS are actually not designed for food. They are ideal for paints, lacquers, stains, and other industrial chemicals. Some chemicals might break down plastic containers, and would be dangerous if stored in a glass container that could break. For safety purposes, choose metal containers for paint and solvents.

If you need help choosing the right steel can for your needs, contact a customer service representative. We can help you find the perfect container! And if you want more container calendar wallpapers, check out the rest of the collection here!