32 oz natural-colored HDPE single wall anti-static jar with 89-400 neck finish

Item ID J107
$1.26 each for 1 to 71
$0.91 each for 72 or more
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The J107 is a 32 oz natural-colored HDPE single wall anti-static jar with 89-400 neck finish. Single wall jars are normal 1-piece jars. They're called "single wall jars" to distinguish them from the 2-piece double wall jars. This jar is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE has a strong tensile strength, good impact-resistance and chemical resistance. It is highly rigid and highly resistance to scratches and scuffing. This jar is typically used for powders, drink mixes, supplements, pills, capsules, and other health supplemental products. This jar has a 89-400 neck finish, and will fit closures with the same finish. The first number is the diameter of the container's opening (in mm). The second number refers to the thread/style/depth of the closure's skirt.

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Product Properties and Specifications

Temperature Tolerances
Chemical Resistance
Impact Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Food Contact Acceptable
Recyclable Material
Color Natural
Size 32 oz
Material HDPE
Case Pack 72
Neck Finish 89-400
Diameter 3.66 in / 9.296 cm
Height 6.625 in / 16.828 cm
Label Dimensions 11.25 x 5.25 in
Print Dimensions 11.4375 x 5.25 in
Print Dimensions in (diameter)

This information has been provided as a general guide. Please remember, it is your responsibility to test your product's compatibility with CPS packaging.

Label Specifications

The J107 can be labeled. Please visit our Services page for more information on labels and application, or hiring a designer to assist you in creating artwork for your package. If you have additional questions about decoration options for the J107, please order a free sample, talk to one of our customer care agents at 1-800-473-4144, or chat with us online.

Download label template (SVG)

Trim size: 11.25 x 5.25 (w x h), please keep all critical art at least 1/8 inch away from trim line.

Bleeds: Include 1/8 inch bleeds, and keep all critical art at least 1/8 inch away from trim line.

Color: Use CMYK color profile.

Acceptable file types: PDF, EMP, SVG. We prefer Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign PDF files. We also accept Adobe Photoshop and EPS files. We cannot accept doc, docx, xls, pub, jpg, tiff, png, or bmp files.

Requirements: Provide all fonts with file or convert fonts to outlines. Any placed raster images should be at least 300 dpi CMYK files. We also accept 300 dpi CMYK Photoshop files, but vector art will yield a superior print.

Working with SVG: Our templates are scalable vector graphics (SVG) files. Your art should be created with software that produces vector art, preferably Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. Additional vector programs include: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, Corel Paintshop Pro X7, Serif DrawPlus, and Microsoft Visio 2013. There are also free download apps that produce vector art: Inkscape, GIMP, Kolourpaint.

Previewing SVG files: You can see what the template looks like by downloading the SVG template and opening it in any web browser (e.g. Explorer/Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). CAUTION: Your web browser WILL NOT display the template to scale. If you print the SVG from a browser, it will not be the right size. you must open the SVG file with software that produces vector art. Please see "Working with SVG files" (previous paragraph) for more information.


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