55 mL clear glass hex-shaped jar with 43TW neck finish

Item ID G220
$0.64 each for 1 to 287
$0.52 each for 288 or more
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The G220 is a 55 mL clear glass hex-shaped (six-sided) jar with 43TW neck finish. This container is perfect for jams, jellies, condiments, relishes, candles, and more. Glass has high clarity, can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has extremely high resistance to heat and cold. It is great for storing essential oils. All glass at containerandpackaging.com is lead free. This container is clear, making it an ideal display container for your product. This item has a 43TW neck finish. That means that this jar can be fitted with a lug or twist (TW) cap instead of a continuous thread cap. A lug cap usually requires about a 1/4 turn to close. A continuous thread cap usually requires a full turn.

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Gold metal 43TW lid with standard plastisol liner
Item ID: L017
Case pack: 3,400
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$0.09 each for 3400 or more

Product Properties and Specifications

Temperature Tolerances
Chemical Resistance
Impact Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Food Contact Acceptable
Recyclable Material
Color Clear
Size 55 mL
Material Glass
Case Pack 24
Master Case 288
Neck Finish 43TW
Diameter 1.75 in / 4.445 cm
Height 2.625 in / 6.668 cm

This information has been provided as a general guide. Please remember, it is your responsibility to test your product's compatibility with CPS packaging.


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