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Yorker spout lids are a great option for dispensing chemicals, liquids, oils, and many other applications because they help control the direction and volume of product being dispensed. Most spouts come with a cover cap to allow for sanitary usage.

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Yorker Spouts

Yorker Spouts were designed with the object of precise, controlled dispensing. Think of it as a cap with a built in funnel. they're also great for accessing small openings or hard to reach places.

Time for a little history the term 'yorker' comes from the New York city in New York State which was named after King James II of England(aka James VII of Scotland)who was the duke of York. York was the main town in northern England in the region of North Yorkshire. The city itself was founded by Romans around 71 AD and became the capital of the Roman Province Britannia Inferior (aka Norhumbria). York is an abbreviated Latin term meaning 'place of the yew trees' and while it was called Eboracum during Roman rule, once the Dainish army conquered the city it became rendered as Jorvik and later York. Since this time York has become a tourist attraction and was voted #1 European tourist city in 2007.

What does all of this have to do with yorker spouts? Well quite frankly I lost my way on this one, suffice it to say that Yorker spouts have this city to look at for its namesake and when that happened exactly, we have no idea.

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