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Straight-sided glass jars are some of the most common and popular jars on the market today. Common for products like bath salts, sugar scrubs, high end cremes, products with essential oils, and bug collections. Actually you might want to hold off on the bug collecting.

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Straight-Sided Glass Jars

Straight-sided glass jars offer the perfect platform for labels and silk screen print. The inert nature of glass makes these jars ideal for essential oils or other potentially corrosive elements that don't play well with plastics.

Glass plays well with just about everything. It's always polite on the basketball court, a gentleman in the ice rink, a regular chum on the baseball diamond, but a ruthless rampaging lunatic on the gridiron. (Hey everyone has at least one flaw right?)

Please note that we in no way condone playing with glass jars at sporting events. We're only trying to be humorous by appealing to the absurd. Broken glass is not an object of entertainment. Well, unless you're John McClane from Die Hard. But that looked painful. Besides, it's not like he really walked on glass right?

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