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Square plastic pails (or buckets) are just like round pails ... only they're square. They have been equipped with handles and square or rectangle-shaped lids. Square pails are great because they optimize space better than round pails. Made of heavy-duty durable plastic, these pails are great for dry or liquid storage.

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Square Plastic Pails

Square plastic pails and buckets are just like normal buckets ... they're just square. Pails and buckets are convenient ways to store and move larger volumes of product. They're handles make them easier to grab, heft, and transport.

One of the main benefits of a square pail over a round pail is that square pails optimize space. Putting a bunch of squares together (as opposed to a bunch of circles) means that you significantly reduce the amount of wasted space.

Our dear friend Euclid (ancient dead geometry genius) discovered this fact AGES ago. We were so impressed by his discoveries that we wrote a blog post about him and produced a 2.5 minute video about why squares are better than circles. Check it out, we can almost guarantee you'll like square more than circles.

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