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Square plastic jars are containers with square bodies and wide mouths. Some of our square plastic jars are equipped with a grip so you can ... grip them. Square plastic jars range from elegant and refined to economical and large. Our square plastic jars may be square, but they're far from uncool.

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Square Plastic Jars

Don't let the "square" in square plastic jars turn you off to this versatile family of products. Square plastic jars are actually quite hip, and quite cool. And they might just surprise you with their "Renaissance Man" capabilities. One one side of the spectrum, you have square plastic jars that are large and economical and equipped with a grip handle. These are for the products that come in large quantities, or are a bit heavier, or just need some extra display real estate.

On the other side of the spectrum, you've got some classy smaller-sized square plastic containers that are ideal for lotions, creams, body butters, or even savory foods like spreads, salsas, desserts, or even yogurt!

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