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Single wall plastic jars are made with of one piece of plastic. Single wall jars come in a variety of colors and shapes, but all have wide-mouths, straight walls and have continuous thread neck finishes. Browse our selection for an extensive selection of sizes, colors and plastic types.

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Single Wall Plastic Jars

Jars containers with wide mouth openings. Single wall plastic jars are called single wall to differentiate them from double wall jars. Single wall jars are made of one continuous piece of plastic. There are no fittings or multiple pieces.

Single wall jars come in a variety of colors and sizes. There are even some variations of styles within this category. This variety allows you to pick the single walled jar that is perfect for your particular application.

Single wall jars are the most versatile jar. For products that you wish to show off, you can house them in a clear jar. If you'd like to show off your product, but dazzle with a pop of color, amber, blue, green or other colored translucent jars might be the choice for you. For products that are a bit shy, you can use a white or black opaque jar.

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