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There is nothing quite like seeing your concepts come alive. When your packaging project comes together with container, closure, product, and label or print, your joy will know no bounds. You can certainly take a look at the quality of what we do with our sample prints and cartons.

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Sample Prints and Cartons

The most exciting part of any container’s young life is when it gets to be printed on. On this day it can really shout out to the customers and strut its stuff. The impact that your art has on the end user sends a powerful message about how much you love your product.

But don’t take our word for it; just grab some of these samples. Look at them, stare at them a long time. You’re getting sleepy, when I count to three you will follow my instructions. One. Two. Three.

Ok, when you hear the word Chalupa. You will add these to your cart, go ahead add all of them. Now you will click on the cart at the top left side of the screen and order these samples. When you see them you will want to call us back and get some amazing artwork of your own on containers. Ok now three. Two. One. And you’re awake. Chalupa.

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