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Round plastic pails, or buckets (as they are often called) are heavy-duty, durable containers usually (but not always) equipped with a handle. They can be fitted with a variety of lids with a variety of features and are good for storing dry goods and/or liquids. Due to their hardy composition chemicals, oils, acids, and other demanding products can be stored.

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Round Plastic Pails

Ever since folks have needed to carry around more than what they could carry in their own two hands, aprons, or bonnets, the bucket (or it's progenitor) has been in use. In the evolution of carrying lots of stuff around in a large container, carrying large vessels on your head was a great method. It did not put tweaking pressure on joints or the spinal column, or unbalanced pressure on one side or the other.

But you could hardly carry two vessels on your head, now could you? And that's where the handle came from. Now you've got a vessel with a handle and you can carry one in each hand (solving the spinal tweaking pressure), or you could put them on a yoke and carry them on your shoulders.

Truly the vessel-with-a-handle invention is what brought us the first pail (or bucket).

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