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Rectangle metal tins are great for photos, candles, powders, waxes, mints, candies, toothpicks, promotional gifts, and more. Each comes with a lid (unless stated otherwise) and has various finishes to add the right kind of mood to your project. Tins are known for their stoic ability to not react to whatever gets put in them.

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Rectangle Metal Tins

Huey Lewis and the News once said: “there is no denying that it’s hip to be a square.” While the song may be looked at from the perspective of the rebel embracing a more structured lifestyle, we think it was about square shaped tins.

So why is it hip to be a square? Well they maximize space, get noticed, and provide durable protection for products. You don’t get much squarer than that. They also maximize your lid surface area so you can send a clear message about your product.

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