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Plastic tubs are perfect for a variety of applications. Plastic tubs are great for dairy products like sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and other refrigerated or even frozen food products like salsa, dip or even ice cream. Our plastic tubs come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and have some powerful high-color, high-impact decoration options.

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Plastic Tubs

At Container & Packaging Supply, we've got an extensive collection of plastic tubs in white, clear and natural. Plastic tubs are predominately used for food products like dairy products, dips, salsas and more. In fact, most dairy products you buy at the grocery store come in a plastic tub!

Plastic tubs can be labeled or printed, and the lid is usually printed or labeled too. When considering a decoration process, it's a pretty good idea to choose a label substrate that is going to hold up to some pretty rigorous conditions like refrigeration, moisture, dampness, or zombie attack (just kidding).

Depending on the quantity, you can order pre-printed plastic tubs in full color, photographic quality. If you're wanting your product to make a statement (and who wouldn't, right?) then this might be an option to consider.

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