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Plastic tubes can be open ended, closed-ended, squeezable or rigid. It all really depends on the tube. We've got lip balm tubes (think Chapstick®), deodorant tubes (think Old Spice® or Right Guard®), and squeezable liquid tubes (think ... uh, toothpaste) as well. Take a look and see if we've got the tube for you, and if we don't, ASK, we can probably find it for you.

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Plastic Tubes

Our plastic tubes represent a number of different shapes and styles. Some of our tubes are rigid, others are squeezy. Some are matte, and others glossy. Some have flip caps and others have a twisty thing (technical term? yes) that allows you to dispense product. Depending on your product, we've got a container that can package it.

When making a packaging decision, it's a really a good idea to consider the following: (1) what is my product and (2) what are similar products packaged in? Pick something that is going to be compatible with customers' expectations for dispensing a product. Most people prefer to apply deodorant using a deodorant stick in a tube with one of those twisty things. Squirting deodorant out of a squeezy tube onto my hands and then rubbing it into my underarms evokes a rather distasteful image (for both you and me). I think you get the idea.

Plastic tubes are an excellent high-quality option for many products like lip balms, lip gloss, deodorants, detergent sticks, lotions, creams, ointments, topical medications, and more.

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