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Honey bottles are great for storing honey or syrups, or other viscous liquids. Putting it in plastic makes it "squeezy." We offer honey bear bottles, skeps, and other plastic honey bottles. Browse our selection below. You can also find other honey related containers in our industry catalog.

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Plastic Honey Bottles

I'm not a honey expert, but I've seen two different kinds of honey. There's the kind that runs right off the end of a spoon like liquid golden sunshine, and it is as sweet and smooth as can be.

And then there's the stuff that you have to go at with a chisel!

Now the smooth flowing stuff, you can store that in a glass jar and there isn't a soul that can complain. For the thicker stuff, put that honey in a squeezable plastic bottle and your honey users will rejoice.

When it comes to plastic, you've got all kinds of shapes to choose from: honey bears (clear and translucent), skeps (beehive looking things), cylinders and even dairy-styled jugs with handles.

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