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Huge selection and great prices on plastic containers. Plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic tubs, plastic pails, drums, plastic tubes, and much more. Plastic containers of all seven types: PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PS, PP, and OTHER. Browse through our catalog to find products of all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic containers with an opening smaller than the diameter

388 items

Plastic Jars

Containers made of plastic with threaded neck finishes and wide mouth openings

200 items

Plastic Tubs

Plastic containers with wide mouths, are nestable and have snap-on closures

39 items


Large capacity storage containers, also called buckets and barrels

35 items


For large capacity storage, both rigid and flexible cube-shaped varieties

6 items

Additional Plastic Items

Plastic bags, tubes, deodorant, hinged containers, and more

10 items

Plastic Tubes

Open-ended and closed, squeezable and rigid plastic containers

14 items

Plastic Containers

If you're looking for a container made of plastic, you've come to the right place. There are so many varieties of containers that your head will swim. Well, it would swim if we hadn't organized it so nicely for you!

One of the best things about shopping for plastic containers here at Container & Packaging Supply is that we don't force you to put a cap with your container that you don't want! Every cap that fits your container is yours for the taking. Oh, and we also let you buy as many or as few as you want. (There is a nominal handling fee, however, for orders under $50.)

Still reading this? Stop reading and start shopping our exhaustive selection of plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic tubs, pails/drums, cubitainers, hedpaks, plastic tubes and everything else we've crammed in the additional plastic items catalog.

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