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Our plastic bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have varying thicknesses, measured in mil (1 mil is one thousandth of an inch). We have several plastic bags with a resealable zip lock feature as well as some other featureless flat bags. Whether you need features or not, we've got bags that can do the trick.

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Plastic Bags

Take a sheet of thing plastic, fold it in have, iron the edges on the left and right side, and you've got a plastic bag ... well, not a very good one.

Gone are the days that you can use or have a simple bag. You need bags with features! Features like a resealable sliding lock system that can be zipped open and zipped shut. Features like translucency. Features like varying degrees of plastic thickness, weight and durability. Features like the ability to trap mosquito-sized cyberbots plotting to subjugate the planet (that feature might be a bit far-fetched). You'll find bags with features here at Container & Packaging Supply.

Oh, and we also have a few bags without any features, too.

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