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You have to package your containers in something right? Why not start here with tape and stretch wrap? Use the tape to secure boxes from spilling their contents and the stretch wrap from having them tipping off a pallet. Everything needs packaging … even your packaging!

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Packaging Materials

Before 1925 tape was different, and by different we mean, didn’t really exist. Seriously can you image a world without tape? Bottles went flying out of boxes, lids were constantly spilling everywhere, and weekend handyman projects were never completed.

Richard Drew was an employee at 3M Company. While testing his company’s sand paper at a local body shop, Drew noticed that the auto painters were having a hard time making clean lines on a two-color paint job. Being a helpful sort, Drew was inspired to invent masking tape as a solution to this problem.

Drew would go on to invent the Scotch brand of tapes, and basically become the father of tape as we know it. This is quite an outstanding accomplishment. If you think about it, tape can fix just about anything!

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