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Non-dispensing caps screw on to containers with the same finish size. They are removed before product can be dispensed, have no moving parts, and can serve a special, cosmetic, or even minimalist function. Child-resistant caps or domed lids, are great examples of non-dispensing caps.

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Non-Dispensing Caps

Don’t be fooled by the prefix of Non. Despite the fact that their general description starts with a negative prefix, Non-Dispensing closures are some of the most common and popular closures out there. We can guarantee that you use them every day … and that you like it.

What’s more is that non-dispensing closures are so reliable. They’re better at keeping your product in its container, and they’re more cost effective. It’s also easy to put in liners or seals to protect your product even better, and provide an air-tight and even tamper-evident seal. If you need a liner for your non-dispensing cap we can do that for you. Just let us know and we can even get some cut just for you (minimum orders do apply).

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