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We carry two types of metal caps: Lug/Twist, and continuous thread. If you need an airtight seal on glass, then metal lids with a Plastisol liner is a great combination. In addition to working perfectly with glass, metal lids also play nice with plastic containers as well.

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Metal Caps

Did you know that the very fist screw-on lids were made of metal? It’s true. Before the invention of threaded containers and closures, corks or wooden bungs were the prominent item used to seal containers. It wasn’t until the late 18th century when tinsmiths would start threading round tins that the practice would quickly spread to other containers until it became standard practice with most lids.

Today metal lids, when paired with Plastisol liners, provide some of the best protection a product can ask for. This airtight seal is a must-have for perishables like Granny’s home canned peaches and Cousin Lupita’s salsa. Metal lids often send the message that this is a high quality product.

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