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Metal cans are great for paints, sealants, lacquers, paint thinners, solvents, and more because of their stalwart ability to ignore whatever gets put in them. Generally metal cans are used for industrial applications, although creative types may find a more unique use. We stock metal cans ranging in size from one quart to one gallon.

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Metal Cans

Metal cans have quite a history. Most metal cans have been tinned, a process that dates back to about 1600 when it was a monopolized industry run by the nation of Bohemia. In about 1620 the process spread to Saxony, but was a closely guarded secret. Around 1667, Andrew Yarranton, an English engineer and Ambrose Crowley, a blacksmith of the same nationality, were commissioned to travel to Saxony and discover the methods of tin-plating. They were successful in their endeavor and tin plating soon took off as a widely available commercial success.

Since then tin-plating for metal cans has continued to be used by food and chemical industries as a great means of product distribution. And all because a couple of Englishmen engaged in some corporate espionage in the 1600s and stole a secretive process to make it widely available.

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