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Industrial rounds are great plastic jugs for cleaners, syrups, sauces, condiments, and many other applications. They're made of thick plastic for durability and chemical resistance. The built-in handle makes carrying and pouring easy. The narrow orifice ensures pouring accuracy and the label panel protects labels from peeling.

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Industrial Rounds

The industrial round plastic jug is tough. It's built of heavy thick plastic and can take a beating both on the outside and on the inside. It's built to withstand rough-housing, being dropped, being filled with chemicals, and can dish it out and take it like the best of them.

The industrial round ain't your sweet granny's doilee of the containers family. It's specifically designed for durability.

Even though the industrial round is solidly built, it is not without refinement. It has a narrow orifice, aiding in pouring accuracy. The built-in handle is solid, yet fits comfortable in even the dantiest of hands. The label panel (the area between the two protuberances) is built to hold a large label, and yet is well-protected from scratches and peeling.

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