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Hex Jars, (aka hexagonal jars) are eye catching. Their clean lines and structured look present product professionally and cleanly. If being used for honey, it can remind you of the hexagonal honeycomb structures favored by honeybees.

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Hex Jars

So why do people use hex rather then hexagonal? Well like most nicknames, it's short and catchy. Wouldn't it be fun if there was a container detective series about Hex Jar and his sidekick Liddy.

I'm going to try out a tagline intro, and you tell me what you think: 'Hex Jar is a hard-boiled detective who shoots first and asks questions later. He's a brilliant detective but haunted by the one murder he can't solve, the senseless shattering of his wife.'

'Now he, and his companion Liddy, must work together to bring justice to a crime weary city. Catch the mystery, catch the criminals in the container and packaging world. Meet Hex Jar, the generic crime show detective that is vaguely similar to every other detective crime show ever made, ever.'

Seriously let me know what you think, I'm going to start contacting major networks for a pilot.

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