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Our assortment of glass vials come in amber, blue and clear. Glass vials are great for essential oils, perfumes, and other liquids. We also have orifice reducers and drop tips that go nicely with our glass vials. Glass vials are also ideal for sample-sized perfumes and colognes.

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Glass Vials

There is much debate surrounding the correct spelling of vial. Is it "vial" or "phial?" Frankly, I have no idea, but here at Container & Packaging Supply, we chose to call it a vial. I guess that's much better than a "vile." Who wants to store product in a vile? "Darling, do be a dear and fetch me that vile of perfume?" This spelling does tend to reflect badly on your product.

Our vials are made of glass, and use a unique unit of measure to determine their capacity. That unit is called a dram (more specifically, a fluid dram). A dram is 1/8 of a fluid ounce (abbreviated as oz). Whether or not you're using the Avoirdupois, Apothecaries', Imperial or US Standard measuring system, 1 dram is about 1 teaspoon.

These glass vials/phials/viles come in many different capacities, styles, colors, and shapes. Colored glass (blue, green, amber) provide some protection for photo-sensitive (light-senstive) products.

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