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Packer bottles have been around almost as long as the invention of the pill. While a vast majority of what you'll find now days are PET or HDPE, Glass pill packers are still around. Our Glass Packer bottles Perfect for pharmaceutical needs.

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Glass Packer Bottles

Pill packer bottles were a simple solution to a problem. Medicine was making a change, with germ theory being better understood and pharmaceutical companies looking for a more palatable way to deliver their dosages. (For a long time medicine had to be rolled into nasty, horrible tasting balls of powdered ingredients).

While bottles made great storage devices for compressed, or capsuled pills, getting them out could be trick with narrow openings. In comes what we now know as the packer bottle. Small enough to hold several doses but with a wide mouth to make getting the pill out of the bottle much easier.

Today's pill packer bottles follow this same model of a wide mouthed bottle. While Glass has largely been phased out for plastics. There are some still out there. Namely, right here, just scroll up. Come on I know you saw them up there

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