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Our glass jars are categorized by style, color and capacity. They come in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors. We will gladly sell in small quantities, however, the best price breaks will occur when you buy in wholesale quantities. We carry traditional Mason jars, canning-style jars, paragons, hex-shaped jars, as well as our most popular item, the facet jar.

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History and Usage

More can been done to a glass jar than any other container. Over the years it has been filled with lotions, creams, olives, peaches, pears, moonshine, brews, pickles, Dijon mustard with little bits of jalapenos, and jams and displayed on grocery store shelves, refrigerators and home pantries across the globe.

They can be drilled, filled with sparkling lights or candles, and hung from trees or patio furniture. They're filled with loose change, nuts and bolts, stuffed with chocolate chips and covered with fabric and a bow and given to friends.

They allow for pristine and beautiful product presentation and are used for everything from cosmetics and personal care to food storage and wedding favors. For wholesale pricing and shipping considerations, they should be ordered in full case quantities whenever possible.

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