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Our glass bottles are categorized by style and color. Every collection has its own shape, character and use. Choose from French Squares, glass jugs, sauce bottles, canning jars, mason jars, and more. These bottles are fragile (mazel tof!) and should be ordered in full case quantities whenever possible.

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The history of glass bottles is older than dirt. What I mean to say is that they've been around for a long time. And speaking of dirt, they're made of dirt! Well, sand ... and soda. And boron oxide and other various additives to give them color and super-human resistance to thermal shock.

Glass molding has been around for centuries, and carries a certain je ne sais quoi that lends it an air of mystery, quality, and ... heft. These are all things that you should consider when making a packaging decision for your product.

Although fragile (notwithstanding it's thermal shock tempering additives), glass is practically immune and non-reactive to most things that you put in it (DISCLAIMER: MOST things; you'll definitely want to test your product and your filling process before buying 2 truckloads).

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