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French square bottles are made of glass. They are thick-walled containers which give them a density and depth that immediately broadcasts quality. French squares are refined and bespeak quality both in appearance and heft (the technical term for how it feels when you hold it).

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French Square Bottles

The french square glass bottle is refined, heavy, durable, and almost gem-like in it's sparkle and heft. With a variety of sizes, the french square family would be a great place to start out a new product line.

With a wide mouth, these containers and ideally suited for highly viscous products like bbq sauces, ketchups, dressings, marinades and more. If you want your product to speak with authority on the quality front, this is the container for you.

The french square is a faceted bottle. It has four panels. A label on the front and a second label on the back, or even a creative positioning of a full wrap label would dress your product for success. Partnered with a strip label (one that started on the left side panel, crossed over the top of the lid, and ended on the right side panel) would be a dressy and effective way to make your product tamper evident.

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