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Euro droppers come from Africa ... just kidding! They come from Europe, at least that's what they claim. Euro droppers are designed specifically to fit specific glass bottles and have been specifically engineered specifically for essential oil purposes. They are highly specialized.

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Euro Droppers

Euro droppers are little bundles of engineering genius. Straight out of the box, euro droppers are ready for action. When the cap is first applied to its specifically designed container it forces a natural colored plastic orifice reducer and inverted dropper tip into the opening of the bottle. Whoa! Technical alert. This means that the natural colored plastic piece becomes dislodge from the cap and stuck in the bottle's opening.

When the cap is unscrewed, the tamper evident disc separates from the cap and the insert (that orifice and inverted dropper tip) remains inside the bottle opening. This means that you get an orifice reducer, dropper tip, tamper evidency AND ease of original assembly and repeated use ... all rolled into one!

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